1. What is Bookkeeping in the age of technology?

    Bookkeeping today is far more than entering data and reconciling the bank. It is about understanding how a client's business works and then providing accurate figures to enable the business to know how well it is doing. It is about being able to provide reporting for both client and accountant. It is about going beyond the standard process to "think" about each stage and ask "can we do this better", then knowing 'how' to do it better.

  2. What is the difference between a Bookkeeper, a Certified Bookkeeper and BAS Agent?

    A Bookkeeper is a person who carries out basic bookkeeping functions as "keeper of the books". Qualification is a Certificate IV in Financial Service (Bookkeeping). It is possible that not all people who would answer an advert for a Bookkeeper will have this qualification, so it is good to ask.

    A Certified Bookkeeper is a certificate qualified Bookkeeper who is also a member of a relevant industry association ie. Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). To become certified with ICB you must have qualifications plus proven performance of bookkeeping services at a significant level for a period exceeding two years. This person may or may not be a Registered BAS Agent.

    A BAS Agent is legally able to provide BAS services and BAS advice for a fee. This is a certificate qualified Bookkeeper who has also complied with certain criteria and Registered with the ATO to obtain a BAS Agent Licence. This legislation was implemented in 2010 to provide businesses with protection and security. A BAS Agent adheres to a strict Code of Conduct, has appropriate insurances and maintains continuing professional education. A BAS Agent is all about qualifications, experience, competence and professionalism.

  3. How do I choose a Bookkeeper?

    First decide what services you require, then seek out the right person based on the requirement. If you need BAS services, they should be able to provide you with their Registered BAS Agent number and you can check the validity on the Tax Practitioner's Board website.

    Have a good chat before you engage a Bookkeeper to ensure they can provide you with not only the basics, but the "think" value as mentioned above. You want your bookkeeper to be around for the longer term so make sure you can feel comfortable with this person and the way in which they will fit into your business scenario.

  4. What is Cloud Accounting?

    "Cloud" is a term used in reference to the internet. Cloud Accounting is the use of internet based accounting software. Cloud products offer flexibility of being able to access systems from multiple locations and usually also offer multi user. This provides a great benefit to business in this progressive age we are in.

  5. Is Cloud Accounting safe?

    Internet based accounting uses the same encryption process as internet banking. Most people are now very comfortable with using internet banking so internet accounting is no different.

  6. Would my Bookkeeping be done onsite or offsite?

    I offer a range of service to meet my client's needs. Whilst I have a general preference to work from my office, I understand that some businesses have processes that are best done on site. Often I work with a mix of services with my clients and it is nice to see their face from time to time.

  7. What about Payroll and Super services?

    Yes, Payroll and Super most often forms part of a bookkeeping service when there are staff in the business. I provide these services to many of my clients to ensure that obligations are met ie. Super Stream set up and payment deadlines. You just need to know your award and I can do the rest.

  8. Why choose Darwin BAS n Books?

    I have been in business for myself since 2009. Whilst I took on Bookkeeping because I liked playing with numbers I have found I like being able to take the weight off the shoulders of business owners and managers who don't have the time or passion for the figures. It is rewarding for me at the end of the day to see how much happier my clients are, know that all their obligations are met and their books are ready for the Accountant at Tax Time.

    I am also a Qualified, Certified, Registered BAS Agent #93920001.

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